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4 posts from April 2012

30 April 2012

Brooklyn Industries Philly Closing



I was truly disappointed when I saw this email in my inbox. Every since BK Industries opened on Walnut, I've hoped it would be among the stores that lasts. When I walked by on Friday I thought it rather strange that the windows were being covered just for "Inventory" I told myself they did this to prevent people from thinking they were opened but I knew better.


I'm in NYC all of the time so it's not like I can't get to this store when I'd like to. The thing that bothers me is that this seems to be an issue that we have in Philly. It reminds me of an article I'll be posting in the near future about when consumerism can be helpful. Not that I support spend all of your money, take out cards and go into debt. I do believe there is value in supporting businesses and their growth however. The benefit of employment for the residence, a facade that is functional vs an empty space that tends to attract squatting filth etc. Like when Expressed closed for instance, I couldn't believe someone grafitti'd the doors, on Walnut St!!! As I've stated that's a post for another day so I'll end my rant here.

I do hope Philly retail will begin to improve and grow rather than shrink as it appears to be doing of late, again not so the residents here can go broke buying, but so that our city can thrive with the best of them.

26 April 2012

And so it begins-My 1st home decor project/post

NaturalsoonerAbout two weeks ago I decided to go out, grab some paint and paint my hallway. Thats the lovely shade you see in the pic above. I'll give a true tour of the area once other work is completed.


This one little job sparked a movement in me to get er done when it comes to other projects around the house. I'd wanted to do a blog that focused on diy, home decor etc. for some time now but taking the time to do the projects was one thing, then having the time to document it all is another. Decided to get over all of that and as I said before, get er done! Once I painted the hallway and thought about how pretty the color is, i made me think of my pic I'd purchased over a year ago from Andrea of fly girls and how it would be perfect for the space. Then the decision of the type of frame I'd like to use followed. The white trim motivated me to go with a white picture frame and viola. A beautifully painted hallway with a beautifully framed pic to give it life, a little more color and just the feel of me, this is me and what I like. Moving me towards the type of home I've desired to build for some time.

The pic then motivated me to move to my next project which I'll post in more detail about most likely next week.

I'm excited about my new blogging journey and building my home to be just the way I'd like it and I look forward to sharing my projects/processes with my readers.

21 April 2012

I'm Focused Man!

So I've been MIA for a little bit, partly due to everyday living. And partly wanting to sit down and jot down the direction I'd like my blog to go in.


So, going forward rather than the randomness that I've been giving on here. My focus for this blog will be on the following:




Home Decor





and of course I'll continue with some personal things but the above topics (and likely a few that I'm forgetting) will be my focus.


I'm excited to dive in, will be working on new design for the blog and just want to have fun with it.

03 April 2012

Juice Fasting for Weight Loss - Baggy Skin



A very informative video on how losing such a large amount of weight has an impact on your skin. According to Carla here, the impact on your skin will be just as beneficial as it is on the insides. Check it out to get more details. I know this was a concern I had, not even as it relates to doing a juice fast but in general I don't want to have the issue of baggy skin so this is motivating to do the fast as well as encouraging!