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9 posts from May 2012

31 May 2012

In the Kitchen:Stuffed Flounder with a side of Asparagus

I love it when the quickest, simplest meals end up being the absolute best! For some reason I've been having a taste for stuffing and I'd taken some flounder out of the freezer the other day to cook for dinner.  I wasn't sure of what I was going to make so I decided to check out food.com to not so much find a recipe but to get some ideas flowing. I of course came across stuffed fish recipes and the recipes I'd discovered were stuffed with crab and breadcrumbs etc. But it dawned on me that I had a box of low sodium stuffing at home, and that I could stuff my flounder with it.
Then I later realized, both the fish and the stuffing are supper simple (can't believe I just used this phrase LOL!) and would take no time to make. I originally planned to either pair this with or also stuff the fish with spinach, until I remembered the asparagus I received via my CSA.....sauteed the asparagus with a bit of butter and garlic and viola, one of the best home cooked meals I've had in a while, very simple yet tasted restaurant quality good.
For the fish, I prepared the stuffing based on the manufacturer's instructions, once the stuffing was done I stuffed each piece of fish with and rolled them up as pictured above. Used some all seasoning by Badia, a product I learned about via my sis and it's soo soo good! put it in the over for about 15 minutes maybe a little longer and then came the enjoying.
So this isn't an official recipe post, more so me talking about what I ate last night but making this has certainly stirred up the creative recipe juices and I can't wait officially start sharing my food with you guys!!

29 May 2012

What Are Women to Make of Beauty?

What are Women to Make of Beauty?


Great article by the good folks of boundless.org. It took me a long time to dedicate the time to a blog such as this, focusing on beauty (in part) It's all about balance God created beauty so we know it's not wrong, but in a society that worships it in many cases, how much would I like ot add to that is always a question.


I concluded that presenting the topic in a God glorying way, one that doesn't overly lift it up OR downplay it (which is just as much of a sin) would be of great benefit to myself and my readers.


So there you have it, now check out the article to hear what Candice has to say on the topic!

A hair braiding weekend



So most of my weekend was spent braiding hair, and this isn't even a difficult style to do but I tend to take advantage of the fact that my child is in the same house as I am so I can work at the pace of my choosing.


I'm going to put together a tutorial for you guys and share the results of this look, hopefully before the week is out but still have to get the pics just right and everything put together. Let's just say you'll see a tut on this soon.

22 May 2012

Seek godliness not positivity

I am coming to find that more than anything when it comes to others, I want godly people in my circle and not necessarily positive people. I believe godly people produce positivity. But what you see is'nt always what you get when it comes to positive people. Negative people can hide behind positivity without having any true heart desire to being loving towards others. That person can judge you based on their own measure of positive or negative. Godliness causes us to consider others based on God's measure. Which at times can mean confronting someone you love or wounding them with godly wounds that bring healing and a joy that is'nt always apparent. A person that only has a focus of being positive can make you feel really good always but without seeing the pain to come due to a wrong response because they just want to see you smile.

Faithful are the wounds of a friend indeed Proverbs 27:6

17 May 2012

The Secret to Perfect Tofu

Since becoming a vegan/vegetarian/pescetarian LOL, I've grown very fond of tofu. I was cautioned early on about how to properly drain and prepare it so I've made some really good sesame tofu on my own. However when I tried to make some baked tofu with bbq sauce, not quite as enjoyable. This video may have the answer I needed to acheieve the tofu I'd want to have when making it myself at home.




Keep in mind I haven't tested this out for myself but judging the technique used here I imagine it to be quite tasty, and I'll be sure to share once I make it.



15 May 2012




Arist Suzy Rock just recently launched the site Vanity Suxx and she had me with the name alone. Here is an excerpt from the site explaining what it's about:


"I have been wrestling with this idea for about 3 years now.  I’ve always felt like I wanted to speak to, disciple and teach girls about identity and Christ. Because over time, culture has re-defined the standard of beauty and the value of women in society."


Awesome this is something I've desired as well for some time and I'm hoping to develop some things locally in the near future. But enough about my plans, go check out vanitysuxx.com and tell your friends!

04 May 2012

My Nails



I said I wasn't going to do it, pay to have my nails done ever again. You see I worked as a nail tech for about 2 years back in the early 90's and once you do anything as a cosmetologist (I've worked as a nail tech and a hair stylist) it'll always be a part of you and if you're like myself, I'll continue to stay in practice so that the skill is not lost.


Therefore I became a why pay for something I can do for myself type? Well if that's the case I should never eat out or buy pre-packaged foods or get certain things fixed around the house etc. Therefore, I've decided that this is something I'll treat myself to, with the possibility of doing them myself simply because I like to and want to stay in practice. And I love them initally I was going to get a gel overlay. I merely wanted to do just the minimum to make my polish last a little longer. The nail tech initially didn't know what I was asking for, then told me the large price tag for it so I settled for what he was describing, basically acrylic overlay and then after the nail color was applied, a gel overlay was placed on top. Of course this is my 3rd refill and I didn't get the gel overlay this time so I'll have to show a pic of that another time. But I love my nails and feel much more polished!

BTW, ignore the crustiness of my hands and the index finger nail. It's from modge podge (spelling) that I used right before I took this pic, wise I know:) And the pics for the project I did will be on the blog soon!

01 May 2012

What's in a Name-Story behind the name Faith215

Faith215 started out as my myspace user name I believe. At the time I wanted a name that represented where I was in the faith, while hoping it wouldn't come off too corney. While I'm neither trying to impress or sell anyone on Jesus, I think we can be unnecessary in the name of not being ashamed....if we're not careful.


So I thought to myself what is the area you feel  you need to grow in the most and I thought faith, then I thought to myself, what is the area others would say you're strongest in, and I said (to self) faith. So the name represents both an area of strength and weakness for me. I don't always realize the areas I have faith in until someone else says it. It's like something my Pastor has been teaching on, doubt may come but our faith is shown in how we respond. And no matter where I may vere off to, especially mentally, and especially after a long test. I always get back to faith.

So that's where the name comes from OH and I liked the element of it being a name that people utilize:)


Then 215 represents my city, the city of Philadelphia. Connected with my faith, is the belief that God has me in  this city for a specific reason. That there are specific things I am to carry out here. Which is why no matter where I am in the world, my passions and desires lie here. No matter what "hot" thing is going on in other cities or countries even. If we did it first (in Philly) I'm gon know it and proclaim it LOL. Or if it's something that I feel can be developed here, I'll be among those passionate about making it happen here. And not just the not so important things like my post on the Brooklyn Industry closing, there are reasons I feel it's major but where my passion truly lies, even in that is that the people here are well and thriving. And to truly thrive, one needs to know the one that died for them, Jesus Christ and all that comes with Him.


So in a nutshell faith215 represents me as a person, my faith walk, and serving others in faith, specifically my city and this name serves as a constant reminder of that call. Not to say if I visit Chi-town I get to cut up because it isn't Philly, I'd serve there too. Just that I'm being utilized where I am as a calling which allows me to have a special love for my city, and a desire to see the people here come to know Jesus Christ as savior.

So that's my  name in a nutshell and something I'd like my readers to see here in my blog that my faith determines all that I do and write about on here. It may surprise some, what I'm "allowed" to talk about/do as a Christian but that whatever I do, I do to the glory of God so He'll be reflected in all that you see here. Even if we're talking about a lampshade DIY:)


Grace & Peace



Simple storage for less

Simple Storage for Less

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