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3 posts from June 2012

23 June 2012

Nails Did

I started getting my nails done a few months ago. What was originally suppose to be a gel overlay ended up being an acrylic overlay which was more of a sculptured nail than an overlay but I digress.


I use to work as a nail tech, and it's interesting seeing the popularity of nail designs today because that was one of my favorite things doing as a tech in the 90's and I specifically recall a stylist at the salon I worked at telling me these are the type of designs people want. Showing me her hands which had rhinestones and lines in the shape of a diamond. If I recall correctly I politely let her know I'm capable of doing that design as well, which was rather simple but I provide nail art basically.........apparently before my time.

Nevertheless I thought about how I'm sitting on a skill and paying someone else to do something I'm professionally trained to do. Plus I just love to do it but I'm having the hardest time finding pro acrylics at a beauty supply store in my city. In one way that makes me happy, that's one thing that the general public haven't been able to get their hands on (no dis to DIY-ers I fit into the category often myself) but it makes my life a little difficult. I'm break down and buy some acrylic online but in the meantime I was happy to come across some that I'd purchased to use on my daughter about a year ago. So I was able to refill these nails that were on the verge of falling off. You can see the results below.





19 June 2012

78 Sq. Ft. - the Smallest apt in America video



I love this video, this is the sort of thing that reminds me of what I need vs what I want....well er ummm I would need a few more square feet than this (plus he works from home sheesh!!) but when I think of some of the things I'm lacking at home and how I've adjusted I have to remind myself of the fact that I want a "better"way to do certain things but I don't necessarily need it and the idea of better relates to how society sees a particular thing, not that there is truly anything wrong. It's what helps us to feel normal so to speak vs an inability to function without them.

Something I have to remember when I'm in a whoa is me mode if only my kitchen was bigger, if only I didn't have to drag clothes to the laundry mat etc. etc. etc.


13 June 2012

Pop & Fly



I have been looking for a reason to visit Skai Media (or rather hoping for an opportunity) as well as one to attend a Fly event. And wouldn't you know it I don't have a port to present!


I've been working on a Certificate in Print & Web design for some time and unfortunately when I'm not in a class I'm not very focused on doing many projects. This is simply a reminder to not let this area of live continue to go stagnant.

And if there are any designers out there that would like to have their port viewed by these pro's I'm sure it'll be an awesome experience.


Do tell if you attend!