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26 October 2012

Too cute for words

Yesterday I got a call from my bro saying my 3 year old niece has a question for me. He put her on the phone and she says, "I wanted to know if you could come over my house". And I told her "you know I was going to ask if I could come over your house so sure I'll come over".

Image of a tea party my 3 year old niece, her older sis, my daughter and my self had the last time I babysat them.


And she responds....."ok thank you" {insert melting heart here}


So my brother gets back on the phone and told me that she said to him out of know where , "I just thought of something" and he replies "what",  she replies "remember when Auntie and Nani use to come over?" He says "yes, they're over all of the time would you like for them to come over?"  And she said "yes" and so they called me to make it happen:).


Soooo sweet. And it's funny because it felt like I hadn't seen them in so long, my niece and her older sister  it actually has been a month looking at the calendar but that goes to show how much time I spend with them and enjoy doing so. It's something that I've always felt that while having nieces that need babysitting may not be my reason for prolong singleness, it is a means in which I enjoy them even more fully than if I were married and had more kids (I have a 16 year old). I told my 1 year 1 month year old niece just last week how  she's making me miss out on precious baby cuteness because she won't let us hold or play with her.....and of course she heard and listened to me:) The good thing about her is that she's really pleasant so she'll still smile at you and play with you from the distance, but don't you dare try to touch her LOL. She's actually a great niece and I went to her house to babysit last week.


I can make anything into a teaching moment so I'll wrap this up LOL. This was only suppose to be me sharing a cute moment but anywhoo, it is a blessing to me in that way. When you find yourself trying to figure out why I'm still waiting what is the purpose if there even is any. And in this instance again it isn't likely that I have a babysitting calling that must be done while single. But being single and having desired to have more kids, there is a love that's poured out on them that may not have been to the same degree if it weren't just my daughter and I. So in that I'm grateful and this of course leads me to do more posts on singleness:)

23 October 2012

Love Well


This printable can be found at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/BubbaAndLucy

22 October 2012

Marriage Series blog at rachelself12's blog

There is an awesome series on marriage over at http://rachelself12.wordpress.com. I've just discovered this blog via another and I'm truly blessed by what I've read thus far. Rachel does a great job of teaching the facts while also providing real time examples. There is such a skewed view out there when it comes to marriage that if we're not careful, even as the body we can find ourselves believing lies about the covenant that seems to be true.

The series is under the category title Sanctity of Marriage and there are 6 parts. It's a blessing for anyone to read, as a single....who is getting older.....which means the waiting gets a wee bit harder....(that isn't a I'm single and ready to mingle plug btw:)) I found the divorce section (part 4 I believe) to truly be a blessing at this time. Specifically because while I know what the word says, sometimes desire will be like forget all of that Lord you designed me this way so let's get it crackin basically.


It's why I've always wanted to acknowledge the scriptures where Paul tells us it's better to marry than to burn. I also know that my thinking couldn't end there because what if on the other side for whatever the reason sexual desire cannot be fulfilled, permanently. Not something I want to utilize to shape who I marry, especially being those type of things will not be known in advance but more so preparing myself to be a wife that could get over such a large hurdle. And while I don't put a time frame on that, won't know that until I'm actually married either, it does help to ensure sexual desire alone isn't the drive because this is a lifelong covenant.


So yes I'm still finishing up the series but as it's blessing me, wanted to be sure I shared this information with my readers. You will be blessed!



20 October 2012

Typepad App

My blogging abilities just got a wee bit easier/accessible. Oh joy!

Typepad App

Oct 20, 2012

My Saturday morning.

Oct 20, 2012

19 October 2012

The Brown Betty Cookbook - Reading, Discussion & Signing

I got the opportunity to attend the cookbook signing of one of my favorite cupcake boutiques, Brown Betty. I'm a wee bit slow, I knew I wouldn't be able to purchase the book at the time, but I wasn't really paying attention to the fact that it was a book signing and I would be there without a book. Thankfully being the pros that they are, the mother/daughter owner duo treated me with complete hospitality and made sure I was fed. I was tempted to invite myself over for thanksgiving! I already know the dessert is good and they like to feed folks, sounds like kin to me!


At any rate here are a few pics from the event that I'll let speak for themselves. I got a good blogger 101 lesson, I did not take a pic of the two owners and other activity in the store so I know for next time!!



Beautiful Logo outside of Brown Betty Dessert Boutique




Window decor, love the colors




Family wall, BB is great at adding little details that communicates their brand.




Love t his wall, the artwork was done by Andrea of Fly (flygirls.typepad.com)




Table displaying the cookbook, a feature in Philly Style mag and the woman who motivated the start of this company Grandma (or mom depends on whose talking) Betty.



More display, this cake is a display of the type of work that BB is dishing out.




The goods and the cookbook, the cookies are the one thing on this table I did not try but the cupcakes and cakeballs pictured were yummy!




Now that I realize I truly tasted everything but the cookies I feel greedy LOL. However I can say i t was all good and found a new favorite at BB's the cheesecake brownies.



If you are ever in Philadelphia (or if you already live here) be sure to visit one of Brown Betty's two locations in Northern Liberties or Center City. You can find more information about the business at www.brownbettydesserts.com

15 October 2012

Faith: My Free food story

So I'm sitting at my desk, minding my own business when one of the janitor's at my job walked up to me and handed me a free vitamin water. I told him how he was right on time because I'd just finished eating my lunch and this water is a perfect follow up (drinking it now:)).


And it got me to thinking about how whenever I'm low on funds, God always ensures I have food to

God is God, always providing!

eat. God always provides for me, but I notice I specifically end up with free food. Today it was the vitamin water, yesterday it was a free pizza from Papa Johns and earlier that day, breakfast and lunch that was provided to my daughter and I at Arcadia University's  open house.



Last week, there was free Nutella to be had, a small freebie but a freebie nevertheless. I also utilized a 1/2 off coupon to try out Moe's. Originally it would have been a BOGO for a friend to eat for free Friday night, but I'd remembered plans I made with my daughter so I used it for lunch and paid $3 bucks and some change for a huge, filling burrito. Not free again but still provision. Then there are the pita chips I received a few times, the free cupcake and other snacks at an event Anthropologie was throwing that I happened to walk by, would have also gotten a free donut from Krispy Kreme but decided not to since I'd already eaten the cupcake.


And I have tons of other stories just like this one, it's something I probably wouldn't have notice, especially the half offs or the freebies that are tied to specific events, if it wasn't for me 1. being a worrier when I know I don't have what I need or better yet, being uncomfortable when I feel I don't have enough to do what I need to do. And 2. praying in that discomfort that God would provide and reminding myself that's where my focus ought to be anyway, then I can look around and see how He answers. I remember one day I was in the middle of a tight week and I brought my breakfast and lunch to eat at work. I'd forgotten about the fact that I was going to an event after work that wouldn't get me home until after 7, and would NOT be providing us with food.


Because I was use to God providing I didn't think too much of not getting what I needed to eat prior to getting home and making dinner. Nothing came my way so I decided to pray and ask God for a miracle. Something hard for me to do, especially for something so seemingly petty. But I decided to let God tell me how He felt about me asking vs assuming I shouldn't. Long story short I spoke to my Daddy about it, often times if I eat at my desk I'll utilize my time to walk around downtown. So I did that on this day, first stopping at William Sonoma for something I wanted at the time, don't even remember what it was but I wanted to check the price. Went there saw the price then I had the option of checking two more stores, I'm forgetting store names so I'll say one store about two blocks from the left of William Sonoma, and another about 5 or six and for whatever reason I chose the spot further away. Good thing I did because at the raw food restaurant next door to me I spotted this sign that said Lunch is on us!


Say Word!


It so happen to be the case that I was already familiar with this restaurant and the food. So I headed on over, signed up for Level Up and got my free meal, just as promised. Then I got some additional points due to a guy there that used my code so that I'd get referral points. AND level up to this day has been a great help in saving money when I eat out, if I utilize the places that already offer discounts of course. So this is the food I ordered pictured below, Fooda mexican style dish in a collard gree wrap (Sorry I forget the exact name) and a slice of raw french apple pie. Oh I forgot to mention how I'd specifically requested healthy foods:) My daughter would also be with me so I was concerned she wouldn't like what I had, prayed about that too. I ended up not being that hungry and my daughter ate and enjoyed the wraps while I ate the pie. I gave her a bite but she wasn't a fan (woo hoo more pie for me!) We both were full once we got home and I didn't even have to cook anything.....God is good!!


For those new to my blog, which should be everyone but myself just about LOL I can be lenghty, I'm working on that. This is a story that I think requires lenght but others I will attempt to use less chatter, it's work for me however I am more of a writter than a talker so I run off at the hands. But I thank you for reading and I pray once again this thing that God has done in my life will be a blessing to you the reader.




Signature Fonts

Share your story: What ways has God blessed you in a time of need?

If God said He'll do it, trust it will come to past/Pray without ceasing Part III

It's amazing how patient God is, for the amount of years I've been praying coupled with doubting, that's the same amount of years that He has been patient with me and fueling my faith in this. I don't know when God will bring this to pass, but I believe He will and I'm not quite as anxious that He's waiting another 7 years!

What this journey has done I admit, is make me more patient. Has caused me to trust God more, has shown me how to depend on God. It increases my faith, being that faith is the substance of what we hope for and evidence of what I cannot see (paraphrased Hebrews 11) the longer I  wait the more my faith  is shaped and grows in substance. In other words, there is a tangible reality to this thing, not just something I made up in my own head and attached God's name to it. When this comes to pass and I truly share it, there will be a story, one I believe will one day be a book, that's how much substance there is to this! But what will be in the telling are specific dates specific occurrences, specifics and understanding as to why God showed me what He did how He did, and what was going on in my waiting. I won't know it all from where God sits but from where I sit and what I do know, it'll be amazing and tear jerkingly good!

One of the first things that came to my mind when I saw what the fulfillment would be is, just like that God can bring a promise to pass. And I didn't even know at the time this was the fulfillment but the situation gave me hope for my specific promise and how quickly God can change something and again, that He hears me. Being a person that has gotten answers from God audibly, it can be difficult to trust Him when I cannot trace His hand. Yet another way in which God uses my waiting for my good. And it's not like the Lord and I are just conversing with one another and hearing His voice was a daily occurrence but to not have that can be scary. When God showed me the fulfillment He didn't say it audibly this time. The Holy Spirit brought back to memory my prayers as it relates to the topic and how the fulfillment matched these prayers. And at first I thought man it will really be difficult to believe if I heard Him tell me the first time and still had doubts. But it actually isn't as it relates to not hearing Him, what makes it difficult this go round for me is what He's answering. Part of how I missed it the 1st time was that I thought nah God wouldn't do that and kept waiting for it to be perfected...again another blog another day:) This time perfection is lacking all the more yet I battle to ensure I don't allow how things look to pursued me, but what God is doing and based on who He is not the promise itself.

So I want to encourage you, my readers if you don't get anything else out of this series of blogs in all of the secrecy of my story LOL. God is not a man that He should lie Numbers 23:19, no matter how silent He is or seems, He didn't move on from you, you didn't do 5 wrong things that day that made Him decide to take it back, do be prayerful and watchful the 1st fulfillment didn't happen and I was indeed linked to that, but He didn't take away the promise from me, the waiting is prolonged however. So essentially whatever your mind would have you to believe that doesn't match up to what God has said to/shown you, denounce it and trust God. His ways are not like ours, which is another reason it can be hard to believe some of what He shows us. Or have faith with a sea of doubt mixed in. The key is to trust Him and no matter how things appear, believe Him and call your flesh the lie that it is, call Satan the lie He is and if you told some folks about what God is doing in your life and they don't speak the things over you that God has shown you welp I think you get the point trust God, let God be true and every man a liar Romans 3:4.


Pray without ceasing, as the title of the blog exhorts. God gave the promise, you continue to speak to Him about it, daily. I started to journal my specific prayers for this and just recently I started to write down any prayers that I've had answered. So that as I wait, and when I doubt or when I get frustrated I can go back in my journal and remember when God said what He did, and see exactly what He said and how this is leading to an expected end. I'm reading a lot of books also concerning my promise and God truly speaks to me via that platform, that may be of benefit to you as well. Lastly study the word as it relates to your promise. Having scriptures to back what you're believing is helpful to killing doubt as well as discerning rather you've created the idea or if God is leading. For instance if you believe God is answering a prayer for employment via an escort service add, you can easily dismiss that based on what God tells us about sex vs fornication. If you believe God is showing you that you'll be a mother and perhaps you feel there is a greater calling you could be doing, scriptures as it pertains to the calling of motherhood would be of great benefit to you. Now I'm not advising looking up scriptures that you'd like to pertain to your life and trusting that God will bring it to pass. I'm saying God has shown you already and you're feeding your faith. You'd otherwise want to pray that God would fulfill that desire vs feeding it and believing since you are, God has to fulfill it.



12 October 2012

Eats-Federal Donuts

So when I first heard of Federal Donuts, it was a yet to be opened restaurant with a South Philly address. The furthest I get in South Phil typically is South St. So I knew it would be a minute before I tried this spot. Federal Donuts is a restaurant that defines keeping things simple offering only three products, Fried Chicken (Korean Style), Coffee, and Donuts.


When FedNuts (as it's affectionately called) first opened, I was still a meat eater, needless to say now I am not. It's funny when I think about my semi-disappointment based on this fact I remind myself I can eat meat any time I'd like, I just don't want to. And I don't even have an urge to go back to meat eating so much as I do recognize some things that are now going to be missed....nevertheless when I learned FedNuts would be opening a Center City location I was excited to finally have an opportunity to try the donuts.  FednutsWhen I first arrived I admit I had a little bit of 1st time there anxiety. Something about going to a popular place that makes you just want to be able to blend right on in and not look like a goofball basically (oh pride why do you show your face in the most minor areas!). Well got over that quick and had the nice young lady behind the counter help me out. The donuts were in a display under the counter and once I was told what each donut was, I settled with the Butter Pecan.


At first bite I was reminded of reviews that I'd read that warned the donuts were just mildly sweet. Not sure if I like  or dislike that. The pic to your left is covered in the butter pecan goodness so to give a better idea, the style of donut is like the tasty cake box donuts that have a powered, plain, and chocolate option vs that which you'd buy from Krispy Kreme. So I'm thinking I'd like at least the level of sweetness you'd get from a tasty cake plain. Nevertheless the covering of this particular donut made it a perfect balance, if the donut was sweeter I may have been on sugar overload.


Butter Pecan wouldn't be my 1st choice in things I want to eat but it stood out to me when I ordered so I purchased it and was pleased and I believe that a person that goes gaga over some Butter Pecan ice cream for example, would love this donut, if you're mildly a fan of BP you'll enjoy it and of course if you can't stand BP, try something else this isn't for you:).


I'm looking forward to going back and trying other flavors, this was a quick run in after lunch and run back to the office because you're almost out of lunch hour run vs a hmmm let me buy a few donuts so that I can review them on my blog run. So next time I'll have more options to review and I'll take the kid with me so that she can tell you guys about the chicken.

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