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5 posts from November 2012

30 November 2012

Ad swapping

Hi Guys Happy Friday! As a means of growing my little humble blog, I'm going to hosting some giveaways and free ads on my blog in the very near future. In the meantime, also wanted to share I've created new buttons for you gracious souls out there that would be interested in place on your site. If you'd like to wait until it's done in conjunction with my ad offerings cool. If you've visited in passing and said to self self I'd post her button if only she had one! Well here is your opportunity chica! I appreciate the support of everyone that has stopped by thus far, left a comment, subscribed etc. I'm looking forward to posting more and growing the blog more as well as interacting all the more with you ladies. Until next time,



29 November 2012

My Photo Work

I'm sitting at my desk going through some of the pics I took during my photography class while also beating my hand for not taking as many shots as I use to anymore.


It's like the class ended and I put the camera down because  it completely wore me out! Not just this class but working full time and also taking a screen-printing class. When I completed both I walked away for some much needed rest and never looked back!


Well that's not completely true I utilize my camera but not to the degree that I should be. One reason I purchased such a fancy pants camera was to capture beautiful pictures and vids for this here blog so along with my scheduling so that my blogging is consistent, I'll also be working on taking more pics to share and include in my posts.

Oh and I also blame my smaller very convenient although not the same, Iphone.




Big Ben
The Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia. A few folks in my class stated the pic would be better without the glare of the lighting and I agreed. My teacher disagreed so I'll go with her:) She said there essentially nothing that could have been done to change the results of the lights.




Old City Philly
Fire Station in Old City Philadelphia

This wasn't actual photography work so to speak. Did this make up for my friend who is a professional model. My bro, also a photographer utilized her for building his book and my friend to build her book as well. This was a look that I did during my earlier days of applying make up. Not too shabby but can see where growth was needed.

The Academy
The Academy of Music in Philadelphia

And in other news, head on over to quitetheblog.com and check out all o the almost Friday blog hopping goodness!!

28 November 2012

New Music- J Johnson No Excuses Volume 2- The Ghostwriter


Hi guys, I'm slowly but surely getting back to posting regularly, working on a schedule is in order or it just will not happen...ever!


For now, I wanted to share some new music that's out by rapper  J Johnson. With J being from Philly I've gotten the opportunity to meet him and interact with him once for a youth event. This guy from what I've experienced is so humble. I'd contacted him for the event and somehow the dates got mixed up and he came the week before. It was worked out, he stayed for service and he still came back the following week to minister. It's major for me that people live what the teach, well it's major for me because it's what the Lord calls us to. But the reality that not everyone does. And not speaking on our imperfections and how we fall short, but where we learn God's word but never have it penetrate our hearts and produce change. It's the change in us that people see not what we say and I'd even venture to say, at least in my own experience you can have a person newly saved that comes from a really hard core lifestyle that still has a stench of the world on them. Jesus Christ in their life is still evident although there is still much change to be made in them...every moment is a teaching moment for me I suppose because I wasn't really planning on saying any of that:)

But point being it's refreshing anytime I come in contact with a person that preaches Christ and seeks to live a life pleasing to Him. 

You can check out J Johnson's music and also purchase it via the link below.


12 November 2012

Debt Free

Listening to an awesome message by Nancy Leigh DeMoss of Revive our hearts titled Debt Free. If you have a moment, go take a listen in a nutshell, DeMoss is teaching on the fact that as believers, our debts have been paid by Jesus. Not even our own guilt over the sins that we've done can change the sacrifice that God chose to make on our behalf. As a matter of fact, guilt is a way of saying what God has done isn't good enough or it cam make it impossible to believe what God has actually done preventing us from partaking in His goodness due to the overshadowing of our sin....Yup He really did forgive, even that.

Take a listen.

06 November 2012

I'll be back!!

Pray all is well with everyone out there. Life has been a wee bit busy so I haven't been able to log on and blog the way I'd like. Coupled with Hurricane Sandy that paid us a visit and thankfully only took out my internet.


Back up and running but still anticipate being a way a little longer. Please keep those in prayer that did not walk away with such little damage from the hurricane as I did.


Grace & Peace and I'll be back to posting soon!!