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27 December 2012

A Smoothie a day keeps the Dr. Away

Hi Everyone, hope you all had a great Christmas. I still cannot believe it's that time of year already and the day has come and gone and we're headed towards the new year!

Now I'm not typically one for new years resolutions but I've noticed for some odd reason when I "get it together" it's typically done at least to some degree of permanent change, in January. In January 2012 I decided to become a vegan which I'll post a blog with an update on that topic some Magicbullettime next week. My focus for January 2013 is to get back to drinking a smoothie a day, a nice habit I picked up when I became a vegan last year but got out of the habit of when my old individual blender had to be thrown out, well the cup part of it. So I'm on my way to Target shortly to invest in a Magic Bullet. So happy I can do this right now thought I'd have to wait a few weeks but was blessed with a Target gift card so I'm going to make that move.


With my old blender I'd take everything with me to work and get ice from the cafeteria, I think this time around since I'll have the extra cups, I'll set everything up for the week and make my smoothie to take with me then eat something an hour or two after  I get to work.


One of the reasons I'd decided to become a Vegan was for the purpose of losing weight. Figuring if I made a lifestyle change vs trying to focus on what I will or will not eat than I'll be successful and I was right but again I'll speak more on that experience next week. I will just add that I've lost 40 pounds thus far without feeling as though I was trying to lose, and now I feel comfortable with setting a short term goal of losing 28 pounds, that will get me out of the 200 mark. I'm still avoiding the diet mentality/feeling but I am making more conscious efforts so that the weight isn't coming off as slowly as I've been allowing myself to lose it. After losing the 28 I'll then think about rather I'll continue focusing or if I'll get back to eating what I what while making healthy choices. The difference is by me focusing I'll avoid certain foods and ensure I'm only eating x amount of calories and fat. Since my lifestyle change there are things I'll naturally gravitate to that are healthier which again was my goal but there are still plenty of fattening options out there that the old me loves to gravitate to so giving myself the needed balance to get to the end goal.


To make it official, I'm pulling out the old school tracker to keep up with my results, well old school to me, not sure if people are still using it:)



Lastly let me say I didn't lose 40 pounds this year but over several. I'd loss some weight a few years ago but gained most back, kept off about 15 and then loss 25 this year so still not too shabby but as it relates to changing my lifestyle vs dieting I am losing slower. Yet those 25 again was without a concious effort and strickly based off of choices. I've gained small amounts of weight back and just weight myself the other day to see what I'd gained and came to find I'd lost about 8 pounds so this needless to say is working for me and I'll explain what I've been doing next week!


*Sorry about any typos, don't think typepad is catching everything and I have to run, will update any later!!*

24 December 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas with loads of enjoyment with family and friends, and another time of focus on what the Lord Jesus has done for us, being one born to die for us. My prayers go out to those that do not have to celebrate in the way that we often celebrate as well as those whose Christmas looks a little different this year than it did last, or like a coworker of mines who lost his dad a few years ago, whose Christmas hasn't quite been the same since that loved one has gone.


I pray that you would be comforted by the God that understands your pain. We often speak on how Jesus is the reason for the season. But while it's a blessing to celebrate His birth during this time, it's the one thing that people haven't tried to take Christ out of in the literal sense ( not yet and not completely at least) at the end of the day the God that we celebrate wasn't born on this day and He isn't looking around seeking to find those that celebrate His birth. Some Christians choose not to do so for one reason or another. But the point is, not to minimize Christmas for those of us that do celebrate His birth:) But to acknowledge the fact that this holiday that we often celebrate with those most dear to us can be a painful time or many.

One thing that often gets me during this time of year is the reality that Jesus was born to die, for me. That He became the payment for the sin that I deserve death for. AND that He was intimate in the process, He didn't come to earth as God full grown, went on the cross and came back in 3 days, no He was born the little babe in the manger, He lived a life as 100% man (although He is still 100% God as well) and He therefore is an advocate that is able to relate with our afflictions. I pray that He would be your comfort during this time for those that are suffering and even well beyond the holiday but everyday life, sickness, addictions, lonilness etc. I pray the God of comfort and understanding would pour out His love on you and that you will be filled with His Joy and His love as you think on the memories of Christmases of old.

Grace & Peace


source: (The Burlap Bungalow)

21 December 2012

Wrapping Christmas Gifts

One of the gifts I brought for my daughter for Christmas. Not sure why because I will be the one in charge of blow drying and curling her hair LOL. But it does go back to personalizing the gift I suppose.

I still have a few more gifts to buy/make and then it's on to the celebrating.

Dec 21, 2012

14 December 2012

Tis the Season to be Crafty

Bananabread  Chocolatepretzels

I had every intention of doing the above for the office but time crept up on me and did not permit for me to get anything done prior to our winter break. I work at a University so we are set to be off for two weeks. My time starts today, very excited specifically so that I can get some rest! Probably won't rest much but will get the opportunity to get out of bed at my choosing which isn't very long after I'd normally wake up for work yet it is enough time to be grateful for it when the opportunity permits.

At any rate, two of my coworkers id have the opportunity to make gifts and were kind enough to bring in one for everyone in the office. It did bring to mind however for those of us that are really into gift giving for the holidays yet may not have it to give, making something is the perfect thing to allow you to show your love through gifts, to really show your live by personalizing it vs simply feeling as if you have to buy something because it's that time of year. And it's enjoyable for you and allows you to reflect on the person you're doing it for.

We don't put as much focus on buying for each other as adults, but I know one year I wanted to get something for everyone but couldn't really afford to so I made baskets for everyone, with each person in mind and as it relates to what they like and the idea was a success.


At the end of the day the bottom line,  for the Christian at least is to celebrate Christ. I don't so much get with the idea of Jesus is the reason for the season and I think it's important to research why. Yet since the focus is on Christ, it's a perfect opportunity to speak on Him to people that may not listen otherwise, in a setting that may not feel as off putting as well as sharing with those that already know Him and His goodness. Not so much about running over people during black friday sales to get the last of or sale price for the latest gadget that no one will care about in a few short years....shoot the way things are now maybe not even years! Bottom line enjoy the holiday, don't make yourself crazy, get crafty, love your family, love a stranger even and may people see Jesus in  your authenticity.


*no judgment is placed on the enjoyment of getting the things Macy's has to offer too. Bottom line do out of love and not obligation, your pockets will be happy and so will you!:)


07 December 2012

Job: Wrestling with Suffering -Keeping the faith during long trials

On Monday I went through a very difficult situation and not really just on Monday but it's something that's ongoing but God is faithful and it's ultimately one of those it's between me and you Lord type of situations. I was blessed to listen to this message today Job: Wrestling with Suffering . As I examined my own suffering Job came to mind (as well as Jacob) And while I've been avoiding it, I decided to focus my studying/hearing  on Job. Avoiding it because I know I'm not suffering to that degree so I'm thinking I dare not compare ! But at the root of it, it is a Job situation although my own isn't as extreme and  it's a situation in which I needed to examine the strength of Job and how God brought him out of the suffering that He'd allowed Satan to bring into his life.

Job didn't see the conversation that was had so He didn't know that God was allowing His most faithful to be tested by Satan. All he knew was the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Initially holding on and eventually asking why. It's easy to read that and think how can he question God, but to go through it, not many would have survived what Job did and ONLY question God (although I must acknowledge God dealing with a root issue of pride in Job's questioning) so where we don't always see what God is doing in our lives we have what Job didn't have at that time, His story and others that went before us to reference and build our faith because He is now the example of God bringing deliverance and we can see that there was a plan in acti0n rather it would be one that Job would have liked or agreed with or not. God's silence didn't equate His being unaware or not being a part of why he was experiencing what he was experiencing.

Before I write out a full fledge message on this:) Check out the message if you can by John Piper if you're currently having a Job experience as well I'm praying for you and would encourage you to hold on to God regardless of what the situation is telling you to do or how it's causing you to feel. Seek God in prayer, trust Him where you don't hear and answer although it doesn't seem like it, He will bring you through. If it's taking longer than you've expected, God will bring you through hold on to truth, hold on to God's promises and not what you see and like Job you'll one day see your life restored. Hold on don't faint!

03 December 2012

Happy Birthday to me!


The Lord blessed me with 39 years on this earth today. I can't believe I'm 39!!! Feels like I just graduated high school yesterday, I'm still very young at heart and I don't look a day over 21, at least that's what people tell me I don't have a good gauge of that sort of thing:) Twenty six is the oldest that people typically think I am and I believe that is a gift from the Lord as well. Yet for that reason I look at this age and wonder when/how I got here!!


When I reached my 30's I decided celebrating my bday wasn't a big deal but recently became very convicted about that. Honestly I don't think about my date of birth to the same degree that I use to, like my daughter for instance who plans her celebration for the following year the day of her bday. I have however come to realize the importance of celebrating the life God has given me. Doesn't have to be major but if I say I'm thankful for the life He's blessed me with, I shouldn't avoid enjoying it as I get older.

I went to the Cheesecake Factory with my daughter and a sister from my church yesterday, see the beautiful display of what I had in the pic above. And I'm happy to say that I took off of work today and did nothing but relax, talked to my Lord, ordered a hoagie, and watched cheesy Christan movies on Netflix. Although I look forward to the day when there are more Christian movies with a combination of good acting and overall film work, there is nothing like seeing the word played out, bad acting and all. And I'm not ashamed to say that while I'd planned on going to the movies and treating myself to lunch today, a plan that changed somewhat due to yesterday's time out and today's tiredness this specific day was one of my best bday celebrations in life.


Looking forward to many more to come if the Lord sees fit!