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28 February 2013

Fashion Fridays- A Touch of Spring

Happy Friday everyone! Today I bring you a new feature to my blog, Fashion Fridays. Each week I'll post an outfit, an article, something within the fashion industry that I'm digging at the moment from a specific style to a color that I'm personally feeling. My daughter will be joining me on these post on occasion as well so I'll be sure to have her introduce herself during her first post. I've titled this look a touch of Spring Fever because that's just what I'm having right now as I wait for my favorite season to come upon us (well except for the rain part but praise God for it!:)) This outfit is a little matchy and so I personally like how the polish from Button London and the clutch adds that touch of color without being overwhelming.
A touch of Spring feaver

Thanks for stopping by guys and I'm sure there is a Fashion Friday's bloghop out there so if anyone knows of one please share it in the comments!

26 February 2013

Design: A few of my favorites

I've come to realize that in my time of blogging I have yet to do a post focusing on design! It could be a reflection of the fact that little design work has been going down in my own life however I'd like to change the fact that I haven't been posting anything on it starting right here right now:).


Logo Design


I love this logo, and I'm going to paste here the about info from Artso's facebook page as not to miss a bit of the description for this company.

"ARTSO is a service based company whose focus is to provide resources for performing artists who are in need of management, development and quality presentations, in order to move to the next level in their careers. Our services include
• Project and Artist Consultation
• Artist Management and Development
• Touring
• Event Planning and Production
• Project Management
• Image Evolution
Currently representing Stephen the Levite, Zae Da Blacksmith, Melissa T, Lunchbox Kids, Poetik Sol"

Artso recently put on the Sho Baraka event I posted about last week which was great btw, I love how fun and inviting this logo is. It's fresh and different including the color choices and if I wasn't familiar with the business already, I'd want to know more about what they're selling.

www.artsoindulge.com Logo design by DearAdamSmith


Web Design


The design for HipCityVeg is great, nice and clean and easy to find the details that you're looking for ie easy to navigate. HipCityVeg is a Vegan restaurant based in Philly which has  quickly become my favorite vegan restaurant in the area and it doesn't hurt that the owner always recognizes me even if I haven't been there for months.

The website's design also matches the beauty of the restaurant to a tee, nice, clean, and to the point while still giving beautiful design elements.

www.hipcityveg.com Site designed by http://gumshoestudio.com/




Lastly is a print design by Andrea of flygirls This print if from a series titled Crowns of Color and I just love Andrea's use of colors and shapes and how this particular series highlight the beauty of natural hair in a way that says it's just beautiful in my opinion. I have a print by Andrea from a series titled Love My Hair which speaks the same message of loving the hair God gave you but in a way that presents the beauty of the texture rather than simply pushing the message.

To view other prints by Andrea check out her shop here also just as a FYI, Andrea does more than hair prints so be sure to check out all of her design work over at her blog.


Well that concludes my first post on design, I hope you enjoyed and look for me to feature more of these types of post more often!


25 February 2013

Faith: God's Good Gift Inspite of Difficult Trials

I came across a great post last night over at https://princesswarriorjourney.wordpress.com titled

Good Gifts from the Father  and as the titled would imply the author Heidi shares with us God's goodness towards her in spite of a painful trial she's experiencing. Within her story, Heidi describes how what she's going through is impacting her and a process that's not only something that God is mindful of in her life, but something that He has direct responsibility for and how God delights in giving us good gifts even when allowing us to go through such difficult trials. And to say God is responsible isn't to say God brought on a difficulty but there could be something that God allowed that will work out for our good in the end.

There are certain trials that God may walk us through that can be beyond a doosey! Heidi shares in her post the fact that even in that which God is taking her through or allowing her to endure, He's still giving good gifts to her. And she speaks on how we'll not only  receive them but we are to request them of Him. That's one thing I find somewhat thrilling in what I'm experiencing myself. Still won't get into details but it's the type of trial that can break you if you don't have any desire for the things of God,  the blessing is that the strength I thought God developed in me in the early years of my walk are nothing compared to these later years and while extremely painful so seeing the growth and what I can endure, only by God's grace of course is a huge blessing. Then once delivered it'll be as if it never happened, all that'll be left are the memories including how good God was in the mist of it all.

I was thinking to myself about the Israelites. How often I've read about their foolishness and called them foolish thinking who would want to go back to slavery and how dare they not believe God......how could they not believe God after walking through dry land where it should not have been dry! Whales and such suspended in the air from where God parted the sea and somehow they were able to not believe He'd take them where He promised, and not just walking through the Red Sea but getting them out of Egypt in the 1st place and the plethora of miracles that occurred. Well if I succumb to the pain of what I'm going through or you succumb to the pain you're going through forgetting everything God has doe in your life thus far and not  holding on to the promises, we are those fools too. Don't get me wrong it's not about saying oh manna how I love thee and can't wait to eat you for the umpteenth time. But we thank God for the manna and that we're eating at all as we endure the pain of not having that what we're use to, being totally taken out of our comfort zone in their case not having the  leeks they had back in Egypt. Although we may not like it we thank God for it and we believe that God will take us to the promised land flowing with milk and honey vs. thinking the manna will be all that we'll have forever.AND even saying Lord I can't stand this stuff but I'm grateful for your provision and you've promised me Milk and Honey so I look forward to the day when you bring it to pass. Having to eat this manna only gives me a greater appreciation for what's to come. It's the choice we make however to become bitter or better.

So if you have a moment check out Heidi's post  and be encouraged by her story as I have. If you do not have the time to read it yet are facing a trial or trials that have you wondering what in the world is going on Lord where are you, hold on to what He's promised you don't go off of what you see. There are some things that God may pre-warn us we'll have to endure and others that will completely take us for a loop but in it we seek God, we wait for Him to answer and deliver, and in the meantime we obey him and hold onto his promises where we don't recognize a specific way in which He's leading us or when we're not hearing His voice at all.Examine your own heart and check that it's not sin that has you out there for sure, but don't be duped by the lie that certain things we experience is due to our sins only, sometimes it's what we're doing correctly and how God is changing us internally which doesn't always feel good.


God is faithful, when He says He'll never leave nor forsake us, he will never leave nor forsake us and He's not like us where He can say that and not come through so if you are His you can trust that He has you and He understand what it is you're experiencing simply trust Him and wait on His timing to bring you to the other side, to whatever your land flowing with milk and honey may be based on your specific situation.


Grace & Peace

20 February 2013

Sho Baraka in Philly on Friday!!

This just in, Sho Baraka will be performing along with Stephen the Levite at the Arts Garage in Philly on Friday. Too excited and glad I'll be able to go (dear Lord please don't let there be something I'm forgetting I have to do on Friday:)).


If you're in the area or able to get to the area, you should check it out!


14 February 2013

Win an Ipad Mini!

I'm teaming up with some fellow bloggers to offer you an opportunity to win a free Ipad mini! This giveaway was put together by Myranda of www.prettylivingpdx.com Myranda won her own mini in December and loves it so much she wanted to make an opportunity for someone else to win. Check out the details below and enter!
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Just a few rules before we get this par-tay started

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And of course do all the entries you can to increase your chances, I won an iPad mini in December from a blog giveaway so it really is possible!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

12 February 2013

In The Kitchen: Vegetarian Sausage


I came across this video yesterday for Vegetarian Sausage while doing a search for breakfast sausages on Youtube. Doesn't this look exactly like a real sausage? You'll never guess what it is!

Wait for it....

Wait for it...


It's Oatmeal! Can you believe it!

The recipe is really simple and it tastes pretty good too. It did taste a little unfamiliar to me I must say, of course the texture was a little different but the spices aren't familiar to what I'm use to in a sausage. I'll have to play around with different spices until I get something that I like as it relates to having a permanent sausage replacement. The spices I'm about to include below weren't horrible, just as it relates to making something that will mimic meat in a way that I'm use to I think I'll see if I can get that flavor otherwise this will do it just fine for me. Also my goal was to create a vegan sausage but I hadn't had an official meal for the day and didn't feel like trying to wrap my brain around what I could use instead of the egg so I went with the egg. I'll do an updated recipe once I try a veganized version.

Enough of my chatter, here is the recipe:


Makes 4 Large Patties


1 cup uncooked oatmeal
2 eggs  (can use an egg replacer to make these vegan)
1 teaspoon ground sage
1 teaspoon ground fennel
1/2 teaspoon ground rosemary
1/2 teaspoon dried parsley
1/2 teaspoon dill
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
2 – 3 cups vegetable stock

Mix all ingredients except the vegetable stock and form into four patties. Place canola oil in a frying pan, just slightly more than you'd use to coat the pan. Iif you are using a non-stick pan feel free to use just enough to coat the pan, cook over medium heat.

In a pot large enough to hold your four patties, add your vegetable stock and bring it to a boil, reduce heat, place your patties into the stock and allow to simmer for 20 minutes.

Remove patties from the liquid and drain them to remove any excess liquid. Once the patties are drained, re-browning the patties and serve.  If you do not plan on serving these right away. Hold off on re-browning them until you are ready to cook and serve them They will keep in the refrigerator for a few days. 

Be sure to pack your patties tight enough so that they don't fall enough, but not o tight that the liquid isn't able to reach the center of the patty. I packed my patties a little too tightly and had a few dry spots, it didn't take away from the flavor but made it a little dry.

Enjoy and if you like them, let me know in the comments! Also if you'd like a visual step by step, check out the youtube video. The particular vid I'm sharing uses the same technique but added more spices so you may judge which would be most to your liking or do like myself and add the seasonings you'd most associate with meat sausages:




11 February 2013

Faith: Unashamed Grammy Win

Picture 12
 I just got finished checking my facebook page to find out Lecrae just one a Grammy! So godly proud and happy for him not just as one of my favorite artists but this win represents so much when it comes to what we're called to do as Christians.

I remember not too many years ago when Reach artists were looked at as artists that wouldn't work with secular and mentioned Christ too much in their lyrics.   I get the argument on both sides, nobody is saying veil Christ but speaking on how you have to reach the lost not talk at them or close yourself off from them. Yet it always confused me because what often times got lost is the fact that the Lecrae's of the world were the lost and that's what they were doing, speaking on the God that saved them.

Coming into present day an announcement was made by Reach Records that he would release a mixtape with (Secular) DJ Don Cannon (Who happens to be from Philly shot out Philly ehh erm) and other moves that Lecrae made that would push his "brand" further into the mainstream. When I heard about it  I was proud because I knew that would be the man you'd want to put in that position not biggin him up in that way but in seeing his faith and seeking God in what he does. Yet I'll be honest I was a little worried for him and prayed for him while also believing he sought God before doing anything.

Today these efforts have got my man a Grammy win, a broader audience (do you see all of those likes that post wasn't more than 30 minutes ago!) music produced with and by some of the best in the industry and the music is still as relevant as it's been from day one. None of these things are important as it relates to fame and money or status. It's huge as it relates to being unashamed of the gospel and spreading it among all nations, giving it to those that are sick and in need of a Physician. Having doors open that would have remained closed if it weren't for the faith to move into the "forbidden lands". I'll be honest I haven't listened to as much hip hop or followed what's going on with folks as much as I use to so I don't know the stories of who has been reached by the efforts but knowing that they're being reached and most importantly God sees and will make the increase.

We can at times seek to come up with creative ways to reach the lost when it's the Lord that sends us, not our efforts that ultimately saves them. Or we can fear the ways in which we "team up with the world" missing that it's God that's sending us therefore never moving into the unreached places. If we fix our eyes on Christ, pray stay in His word and walk in obedience we will hear from Him and do that which He's called us to do. Not all of our missions will end with Grammy wins but it will be greeted with a well done my good and faithful servant from the untoppable rewarder when we see Him face to face.

02 February 2013

Working on my book!


It's Saturday and that means participating in the Saturday Morning Coffee blog hop! It's another cold one in the city of Philadelphia so more staying in for me (see last week's post) but my plan will be a lot more simplistic this Saturday compared to last. Today my plan is to do the laundry, the usual Saturday cleaning routine. And then I'm going to focus on working on my book!

Yes you've heard it right I'm writing a book,  a book that's currently untitled but related to singleness. This is something I thought I'd write once I'd gotten  married, not as a single woman. It wasn't until I had a conversation with someone that encouraged me to write it now that it even came across my  mind. The reason I anticipated writing this book once married is due to the fact that it has much to do with the process of getting to marriage. However after the discussion with the person, I decided to pray about it and asked God to show me what I'd write about and there is indeed a lot that I need to share with fellow singles based on what the Lord directed me to.


So I'm grateful for the individual who brought it to my attention and I'm grateful to God for allowing me to be used in this way. I've been working on the book off and on for about a month but I'm finding everything is just now really flowing.


Please keep me in prayer as I commit to this. I'm not typically shy about sharing my story, yet I ask for prayer as it relates to exposing myself. I also ask for the strength to do it even on the days that I may not feel like writing one word. And that God would receive all of the glory, every word shared will be a reflection not so much of what I've experienced but what He's done and is doing, may it bring life to the reader.


With that said let me get moving! Have a great Saturday all and I'll chat with you soon!