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14 March 2013

Fashion Fridays: Classy Minimalist

Classy Minimalist

13 March 2013

Design: 80's Themed Hair Salon

I just came across this article over at design milk of a salon in Slovenia that has an 80's theme. I so can see me applying to a salon like this if I still worked as a hairstylist. I love design but I also love it when businesses such as this invest in an entire concept for their final product or store. It's fun for the customer and often times the employees based on my experience with the salons  I have worked at.


Check out more images below and you can see the entire article and more images over at design milk.







07 March 2013

Fashion Fridays: Chevron Love

Chevron Love

05 March 2013

What's that saying about if it ain't broke?

Hi Guys,


I'm linking up with Nicole of Pharr Away today for Monthly measures. I first linked up with Nicole in January I believe, skipped February and now I'm back in March.

See what had happened was, I decided in January to set a goal for myself. January 2013 made it a year since I'd gone vegan, although I'm no longer strictly a vegan I have in that year made a permanent change to my diet and saw some major changes due to this fact. So I wanted to utilize my "anniversary" so to speak to set a new goal and make a new change.

Well the issue was this, my goal was to purposely lose 25 or 28 pounds (forget now) to get out of the 200's. Prior to that I'd lost 42 pounds simply by changing my eating habits. I was losing so well that often times when I'd get on the scale I'd find myself surprised by the fact that I'd lost, not gained weight, thinking I'd overeaten. As soon as I decided to temporarily count calories in order to reach a set goal weight, I began to fall back into old habits and was quickly reminded of why I'm not losing weight in that way. I'm constantly seeking the balance between self discipline and utilizing flat out common sense. Common sense for me is don't count calories! It still takes discipline to not eat everything nailed down but it's like walking via grace vs the law. Counting calories is law for me freedom to chose the right things to eat is grace which allows me to keep at it freely and seemingly effortlessly. So I'm keeping with the goal of eating healthier and making wise choices, eat until full and when hungry and that is that. Counting calories work so I don't discourage others to try it if that works for you. But having gone on diets in my youth it's easy to feel like that's what I'm on if I'm not careful, so it's getting at the mental for me vs. there being an issue with calorie counting. I would say to anyone that feels like they're in diet mode doing so should look into other ways of getting to goal because you ultimately want to adapt a way of eating that will be a part of your life permanently. For me taking out the meat and eating more plant based worked for me, for another it may be changing from ground beef to ground turkey, essentially look for what'll become a permanent change vs. a means to lose weight for now.


I was again surprised when I stepped on the scale at my nieces house this weekend (the scale is banned from my house also btw) and I'd lost 6 pounds since I'd weighted myself in January, bringing me to a total of 48 pounds lost! And the beauty of it is that it feels like a lifestyle change vs. an effort to lose. It may not be the 28 I'd planned and would have reached on April 5th but it's extremely rewarding, even more so because I didn't feel like I made a specific effort which tells me this lifestyle change is becoming a part of me. What I am seeking to change now is working out more rather I finally put the gym membership I'm paying for to use or if I cancel it as planned and buy work out vids, that is the area I'm seeking to change and I'll be looking out for cues in order to know what'll work for me on a permanent basis as I also desire to develop a lifestyle of fitness vs. focusing on losing weight, the weight will come off naturally.


So in conclusion, no more calorie counting for me, I will be placing more focus on getting in more plant based foods this month, my body is crying for it right now, I babysat my great niece over the weekend and ate a lot of frozen foods, my body didn't like at all which is a blessing because it shows my eating habits are so much better and because I don't like the way it feels it's easy to get back to those foods that are good and good for me:) Lastly I'll begin developing a fitness plan. And as I think about it Spring is on the way so I'll likely begin with walking which is something I do a lot of naturally anyway.


One day I'll get out of these 200's and I'm much closer to that goal with the 6 pounds lost. In the end when I get to my ultimate goal weight I won't feel as if I did any dieting and there won't be anything to revert back to because this way of eating is now a part of me and so if I need to challenge myself I'll look into doing it in the area of fitness not food. The most important thing is that I'm healthy and taking care of my temple.


 Well see how it goes this month! As I've stated I dont' weight myself regularly so next month I'll report on how things went with fitness and eating more plant based.


04 March 2013

Faith: Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

About a week ago I was having a conversation with a coworker and she made a statement that her hairstylist friend has good hair. It was one of those conversations that started one way and ended another, we were talking about something totally unrelated but somehow she ended up sharing with me the fact that her stylist friend didn't do a good job of straightening her hair and she thinks it has to do with the stylist having good hair, therefore not knowing the fact that additional heat is needed for my coworker's, I guess not so good hair.

Quick sidebar if a stylist is indeed a professional stylist , she should be able to do hair textures aside from her own, just sayin.

Now of course the larger issue and the thing that stood out to me was the fact that my coworker referenced this woman's hair as good. Not hating on her at all in sharing this it brought the topic to mind to blog about based on the lie in this, not to bash my coworker. I'll have to do a blog on the history of the term one day I'll spare you guys for the sake of length here but for anyone unaware of the term, the issue is with the mindset that one hair type is better than another and to be very clear, if you have naturally straight euro hair (although not limited to Europeans of course) you have good hair, if you have kinky course hair we don't say bad hair well those that uses the term but that's what is implied and of course there are a plethora of made up terms to imply kinky hair = bad hair but again that's a series of posts that I'll have to revisit. Continuing when I decided to cut off my perm and wear my own natural texture,

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