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04 March 2013

Faith: Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

About a week ago I was having a conversation with a coworker and she made a statement that her hairstylist friend has good hair. It was one of those conversations that started one way and ended another, we were talking about something totally unrelated but somehow she ended up sharing with me the fact that her stylist friend didn't do a good job of straightening her hair and she thinks it has to do with the stylist having good hair, therefore not knowing the fact that additional heat is needed for my coworker's, I guess not so good hair.

Quick sidebar if a stylist is indeed a professional stylist , she should be able to do hair textures aside from her own, just sayin.

Now of course the larger issue and the thing that stood out to me was the fact that my coworker referenced this woman's hair as good. Not hating on her at all in sharing this it brought the topic to mind to blog about based on the lie in this, not to bash my coworker. I'll have to do a blog on the history of the term one day I'll spare you guys for the sake of length here but for anyone unaware of the term, the issue is with the mindset that one hair type is better than another and to be very clear, if you have naturally straight euro hair (although not limited to Europeans of course) you have good hair, if you have kinky course hair we don't say bad hair well those that uses the term but that's what is implied and of course there are a plethora of made up terms to imply kinky hair = bad hair but again that's a series of posts that I'll have to revisit. Continuing when I decided to cut off my perm and wear my own natural texture,

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17 January 2013

To shave or not to shave, that is the question

I'm seriously contemplating rocking this style below:



A friend posted it on facebook  and I am in love. I've wanted to cut my hair like this for some time now actually but when I factor in how long it takes for locs to grow to the length I currently have, I really have to be sure that I want to commit to this haircut. I could always cut them and reattach them when I'm ready to grown my hair out again or I can add loc extensions which I currently have a few in my hair already. And in case you didn't notice I'm thinking this through as I type:) I'm thinking when the warm weather blesses my fair city I will be going for it.


As you can see from my pic below, my locs are thin and lifeless. Well they feel that way to me right now at least. I'm trying to figure out why they're coming in so thin, I've always had a head full of very thick hair and I know the fact that I'm interlocking has something to do with it but they feel extremly thin to me. And then the back of my head and a portion of the side (not pictured) already likes to break off so the natural thing would be to just set it free.....still convincing myself:)


Actually looking at these pics my hair isn't all that bad I think I'm just ready for some change and waiting for it to get to the length I'd like for it to be is getting old. So yeah it'll happen,  what I'll most likely do is shave one side along with my already short nape area that I just began attempting to regrow, and I'll decide if I want to go all the way from there. My nape area was shaved over the Summer actually and I loved it, the only thing was if I wore my hair down it looked awkward in the back in my opinion. So that's something to consider but with the style pictured the shaved portion will always be a part of the actual style hmmmm ok maybe I'm not settled on it completely.

What do you guys think?

23 June 2012

Nails Did

I started getting my nails done a few months ago. What was originally suppose to be a gel overlay ended up being an acrylic overlay which was more of a sculptured nail than an overlay but I digress.


I use to work as a nail tech, and it's interesting seeing the popularity of nail designs today because that was one of my favorite things doing as a tech in the 90's and I specifically recall a stylist at the salon I worked at telling me these are the type of designs people want. Showing me her hands which had rhinestones and lines in the shape of a diamond. If I recall correctly I politely let her know I'm capable of doing that design as well, which was rather simple but I provide nail art basically.........apparently before my time.

Nevertheless I thought about how I'm sitting on a skill and paying someone else to do something I'm professionally trained to do. Plus I just love to do it but I'm having the hardest time finding pro acrylics at a beauty supply store in my city. In one way that makes me happy, that's one thing that the general public haven't been able to get their hands on (no dis to DIY-ers I fit into the category often myself) but it makes my life a little difficult. I'm break down and buy some acrylic online but in the meantime I was happy to come across some that I'd purchased to use on my daughter about a year ago. So I was able to refill these nails that were on the verge of falling off. You can see the results below.





29 May 2012

What Are Women to Make of Beauty?

What are Women to Make of Beauty?


Great article by the good folks of boundless.org. It took me a long time to dedicate the time to a blog such as this, focusing on beauty (in part) It's all about balance God created beauty so we know it's not wrong, but in a society that worships it in many cases, how much would I like ot add to that is always a question.


I concluded that presenting the topic in a God glorying way, one that doesn't overly lift it up OR downplay it (which is just as much of a sin) would be of great benefit to myself and my readers.


So there you have it, now check out the article to hear what Candice has to say on the topic!

A hair braiding weekend



So most of my weekend was spent braiding hair, and this isn't even a difficult style to do but I tend to take advantage of the fact that my child is in the same house as I am so I can work at the pace of my choosing.


I'm going to put together a tutorial for you guys and share the results of this look, hopefully before the week is out but still have to get the pics just right and everything put together. Let's just say you'll see a tut on this soon.

04 May 2012

My Nails



I said I wasn't going to do it, pay to have my nails done ever again. You see I worked as a nail tech for about 2 years back in the early 90's and once you do anything as a cosmetologist (I've worked as a nail tech and a hair stylist) it'll always be a part of you and if you're like myself, I'll continue to stay in practice so that the skill is not lost.


Therefore I became a why pay for something I can do for myself type? Well if that's the case I should never eat out or buy pre-packaged foods or get certain things fixed around the house etc. Therefore, I've decided that this is something I'll treat myself to, with the possibility of doing them myself simply because I like to and want to stay in practice. And I love them initally I was going to get a gel overlay. I merely wanted to do just the minimum to make my polish last a little longer. The nail tech initially didn't know what I was asking for, then told me the large price tag for it so I settled for what he was describing, basically acrylic overlay and then after the nail color was applied, a gel overlay was placed on top. Of course this is my 3rd refill and I didn't get the gel overlay this time so I'll have to show a pic of that another time. But I love my nails and feel much more polished!

BTW, ignore the crustiness of my hands and the index finger nail. It's from modge podge (spelling) that I used right before I took this pic, wise I know:) And the pics for the project I did will be on the blog soon!