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02 February 2013

Working on my book!


It's Saturday and that means participating in the Saturday Morning Coffee blog hop! It's another cold one in the city of Philadelphia so more staying in for me (see last week's post) but my plan will be a lot more simplistic this Saturday compared to last. Today my plan is to do the laundry, the usual Saturday cleaning routine. And then I'm going to focus on working on my book!

Yes you've heard it right I'm writing a book,  a book that's currently untitled but related to singleness. This is something I thought I'd write once I'd gotten  married, not as a single woman. It wasn't until I had a conversation with someone that encouraged me to write it now that it even came across my  mind. The reason I anticipated writing this book once married is due to the fact that it has much to do with the process of getting to marriage. However after the discussion with the person, I decided to pray about it and asked God to show me what I'd write about and there is indeed a lot that I need to share with fellow singles based on what the Lord directed me to.


So I'm grateful for the individual who brought it to my attention and I'm grateful to God for allowing me to be used in this way. I've been working on the book off and on for about a month but I'm finding everything is just now really flowing.


Please keep me in prayer as I commit to this. I'm not typically shy about sharing my story, yet I ask for prayer as it relates to exposing myself. I also ask for the strength to do it even on the days that I may not feel like writing one word. And that God would receive all of the glory, every word shared will be a reflection not so much of what I've experienced but what He's done and is doing, may it bring life to the reader.


With that said let me get moving! Have a great Saturday all and I'll chat with you soon!