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13 March 2013

Design: 80's Themed Hair Salon

I just came across this article over at design milk of a salon in Slovenia that has an 80's theme. I so can see me applying to a salon like this if I still worked as a hairstylist. I love design but I also love it when businesses such as this invest in an entire concept for their final product or store. It's fun for the customer and often times the employees based on my experience with the salons  I have worked at.


Check out more images below and you can see the entire article and more images over at design milk.







26 February 2013

Design: A few of my favorites

I've come to realize that in my time of blogging I have yet to do a post focusing on design! It could be a reflection of the fact that little design work has been going down in my own life however I'd like to change the fact that I haven't been posting anything on it starting right here right now:).


Logo Design


I love this logo, and I'm going to paste here the about info from Artso's facebook page as not to miss a bit of the description for this company.

"ARTSO is a service based company whose focus is to provide resources for performing artists who are in need of management, development and quality presentations, in order to move to the next level in their careers. Our services include
• Project and Artist Consultation
• Artist Management and Development
• Touring
• Event Planning and Production
• Project Management
• Image Evolution
Currently representing Stephen the Levite, Zae Da Blacksmith, Melissa T, Lunchbox Kids, Poetik Sol"

Artso recently put on the Sho Baraka event I posted about last week which was great btw, I love how fun and inviting this logo is. It's fresh and different including the color choices and if I wasn't familiar with the business already, I'd want to know more about what they're selling.

www.artsoindulge.com Logo design by DearAdamSmith


Web Design


The design for HipCityVeg is great, nice and clean and easy to find the details that you're looking for ie easy to navigate. HipCityVeg is a Vegan restaurant based in Philly which has  quickly become my favorite vegan restaurant in the area and it doesn't hurt that the owner always recognizes me even if I haven't been there for months.

The website's design also matches the beauty of the restaurant to a tee, nice, clean, and to the point while still giving beautiful design elements.

www.hipcityveg.com Site designed by http://gumshoestudio.com/




Lastly is a print design by Andrea of flygirls This print if from a series titled Crowns of Color and I just love Andrea's use of colors and shapes and how this particular series highlight the beauty of natural hair in a way that says it's just beautiful in my opinion. I have a print by Andrea from a series titled Love My Hair which speaks the same message of loving the hair God gave you but in a way that presents the beauty of the texture rather than simply pushing the message.

To view other prints by Andrea check out her shop here also just as a FYI, Andrea does more than hair prints so be sure to check out all of her design work over at her blog.


Well that concludes my first post on design, I hope you enjoyed and look for me to feature more of these types of post more often!