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07 March 2013

Fashion Fridays: Chevron Love

Chevron Love

28 February 2013

Fashion Fridays- A Touch of Spring

Happy Friday everyone! Today I bring you a new feature to my blog, Fashion Fridays. Each week I'll post an outfit, an article, something within the fashion industry that I'm digging at the moment from a specific style to a color that I'm personally feeling. My daughter will be joining me on these post on occasion as well so I'll be sure to have her introduce herself during her first post. I've titled this look a touch of Spring Fever because that's just what I'm having right now as I wait for my favorite season to come upon us (well except for the rain part but praise God for it!:)) This outfit is a little matchy and so I personally like how the polish from Button London and the clutch adds that touch of color without being overwhelming.
A touch of Spring feaver

Thanks for stopping by guys and I'm sure there is a Fashion Friday's bloghop out there so if anyone knows of one please share it in the comments!

10 January 2013

Photography work- Bus Stop Shoes

I was looking at some of my old pics and came across this one, I love this pic if I must say so myself:) It's from a shoe store in Philly, The Bus Stop Boutique, Bus Stop allowed me to come in and photograph their goods for my photography class project. The shoes at this store are a work of art all on their own, which is what made me think to ask them.


This particular shoe has a wooden heel and as you can see some beautiful, vibrant colors. Looking at these is making me want to get out there and shoot more. I'll do what I can right now and will absolutely be out there once Philly gets warmer!:) Plus life simply needs to slow down a bit more. I can shoot all day with my Iphone but the Canon, that's a whole other story so I need to purposely schedule time to do so more often.


30 April 2012

Brooklyn Industries Philly Closing



I was truly disappointed when I saw this email in my inbox. Every since BK Industries opened on Walnut, I've hoped it would be among the stores that lasts. When I walked by on Friday I thought it rather strange that the windows were being covered just for "Inventory" I told myself they did this to prevent people from thinking they were opened but I knew better.


I'm in NYC all of the time so it's not like I can't get to this store when I'd like to. The thing that bothers me is that this seems to be an issue that we have in Philly. It reminds me of an article I'll be posting in the near future about when consumerism can be helpful. Not that I support spend all of your money, take out cards and go into debt. I do believe there is value in supporting businesses and their growth however. The benefit of employment for the residence, a facade that is functional vs an empty space that tends to attract squatting filth etc. Like when Expressed closed for instance, I couldn't believe someone grafitti'd the doors, on Walnut St!!! As I've stated that's a post for another day so I'll end my rant here.

I do hope Philly retail will begin to improve and grow rather than shrink as it appears to be doing of late, again not so the residents here can go broke buying, but so that our city can thrive with the best of them.