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28 November 2012

New Music- J Johnson No Excuses Volume 2- The Ghostwriter


Hi guys, I'm slowly but surely getting back to posting regularly, working on a schedule is in order or it just will not happen...ever!


For now, I wanted to share some new music that's out by rapper  J Johnson. With J being from Philly I've gotten the opportunity to meet him and interact with him once for a youth event. This guy from what I've experienced is so humble. I'd contacted him for the event and somehow the dates got mixed up and he came the week before. It was worked out, he stayed for service and he still came back the following week to minister. It's major for me that people live what the teach, well it's major for me because it's what the Lord calls us to. But the reality that not everyone does. And not speaking on our imperfections and how we fall short, but where we learn God's word but never have it penetrate our hearts and produce change. It's the change in us that people see not what we say and I'd even venture to say, at least in my own experience you can have a person newly saved that comes from a really hard core lifestyle that still has a stench of the world on them. Jesus Christ in their life is still evident although there is still much change to be made in them...every moment is a teaching moment for me I suppose because I wasn't really planning on saying any of that:)

But point being it's refreshing anytime I come in contact with a person that preaches Christ and seeks to live a life pleasing to Him. 

You can check out J Johnson's music and also purchase it via the link below.