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19 October 2012

The Brown Betty Cookbook - Reading, Discussion & Signing

I got the opportunity to attend the cookbook signing of one of my favorite cupcake boutiques, Brown Betty. I'm a wee bit slow, I knew I wouldn't be able to purchase the book at the time, but I wasn't really paying attention to the fact that it was a book signing and I would be there without a book. Thankfully being the pros that they are, the mother/daughter owner duo treated me with complete hospitality and made sure I was fed. I was tempted to invite myself over for thanksgiving! I already know the dessert is good and they like to feed folks, sounds like kin to me!


At any rate here are a few pics from the event that I'll let speak for themselves. I got a good blogger 101 lesson, I did not take a pic of the two owners and other activity in the store so I know for next time!!



Beautiful Logo outside of Brown Betty Dessert Boutique




Window decor, love the colors




Family wall, BB is great at adding little details that communicates their brand.




Love t his wall, the artwork was done by Andrea of Fly (flygirls.typepad.com)




Table displaying the cookbook, a feature in Philly Style mag and the woman who motivated the start of this company Grandma (or mom depends on whose talking) Betty.



More display, this cake is a display of the type of work that BB is dishing out.




The goods and the cookbook, the cookies are the one thing on this table I did not try but the cupcakes and cakeballs pictured were yummy!




Now that I realize I truly tasted everything but the cookies I feel greedy LOL. However I can say i t was all good and found a new favorite at BB's the cheesecake brownies.



If you are ever in Philadelphia (or if you already live here) be sure to visit one of Brown Betty's two locations in Northern Liberties or Center City. You can find more information about the business at www.brownbettydesserts.com

12 October 2012

Eats-Federal Donuts

So when I first heard of Federal Donuts, it was a yet to be opened restaurant with a South Philly address. The furthest I get in South Phil typically is South St. So I knew it would be a minute before I tried this spot. Federal Donuts is a restaurant that defines keeping things simple offering only three products, Fried Chicken (Korean Style), Coffee, and Donuts.


When FedNuts (as it's affectionately called) first opened, I was still a meat eater, needless to say now I am not. It's funny when I think about my semi-disappointment based on this fact I remind myself I can eat meat any time I'd like, I just don't want to. And I don't even have an urge to go back to meat eating so much as I do recognize some things that are now going to be missed....nevertheless when I learned FedNuts would be opening a Center City location I was excited to finally have an opportunity to try the donuts.  FednutsWhen I first arrived I admit I had a little bit of 1st time there anxiety. Something about going to a popular place that makes you just want to be able to blend right on in and not look like a goofball basically (oh pride why do you show your face in the most minor areas!). Well got over that quick and had the nice young lady behind the counter help me out. The donuts were in a display under the counter and once I was told what each donut was, I settled with the Butter Pecan.


At first bite I was reminded of reviews that I'd read that warned the donuts were just mildly sweet. Not sure if I like  or dislike that. The pic to your left is covered in the butter pecan goodness so to give a better idea, the style of donut is like the tasty cake box donuts that have a powered, plain, and chocolate option vs that which you'd buy from Krispy Kreme. So I'm thinking I'd like at least the level of sweetness you'd get from a tasty cake plain. Nevertheless the covering of this particular donut made it a perfect balance, if the donut was sweeter I may have been on sugar overload.


Butter Pecan wouldn't be my 1st choice in things I want to eat but it stood out to me when I ordered so I purchased it and was pleased and I believe that a person that goes gaga over some Butter Pecan ice cream for example, would love this donut, if you're mildly a fan of BP you'll enjoy it and of course if you can't stand BP, try something else this isn't for you:).


I'm looking forward to going back and trying other flavors, this was a quick run in after lunch and run back to the office because you're almost out of lunch hour run vs a hmmm let me buy a few donuts so that I can review them on my blog run. So next time I'll have more options to review and I'll take the kid with me so that she can tell you guys about the chicken.