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10 January 2013

Photography work- Bus Stop Shoes

I was looking at some of my old pics and came across this one, I love this pic if I must say so myself:) It's from a shoe store in Philly, The Bus Stop Boutique, Bus Stop allowed me to come in and photograph their goods for my photography class project. The shoes at this store are a work of art all on their own, which is what made me think to ask them.


This particular shoe has a wooden heel and as you can see some beautiful, vibrant colors. Looking at these is making me want to get out there and shoot more. I'll do what I can right now and will absolutely be out there once Philly gets warmer!:) Plus life simply needs to slow down a bit more. I can shoot all day with my Iphone but the Canon, that's a whole other story so I need to purposely schedule time to do so more often.