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30 January 2013

A Day in the Life with John Fetterman

Lately it seemed like anytime I'd watch something on Hulu I'd seen a commercial for the show A Day in the Life. This particular episode featured the Major of Braddock Pa., John Fetterman and the efforts he's been making to bring life back to a dying city.  I could tell it was something that would be of interest to me so I decided to check it out, one day and finally remembered to do so today.

Braddock is in the east suburbs of Pittsburgh, and according to Wikipedia had a population of 2,159 in 2010. Due to society shifts, Braddock began to take a decline in the area of work availability, housing, etc. Fetterman is the man that decided to roll up his sleeves and create change for the better. He even did so much as to get a ramp installed for one of the residence that is in a wheelchair and at the time of the show, was in the process of buying a van for him to travel to work (as well as a means of transportation for his family)

It's just another awesome example of what can happen when people began to invest in the places they live in. Not just for the livelihood of themselves and their families but for the greater good of their communities as a whole. I'm once again inspired as it relates to making change in my own city.

Check it out if you can!


24 January 2013

Overcoming Oppression-Sho Baraka

Our Voice: Sho Baraka from Rebuild Initiative on Vimeo.

 Sho Baraka did a video that represents my heart so much  so that I want to put in my about page what Sho said! It's what made me want to focus on specifics to my city on my personal blog and it just got me a lil bit more hype to ensure I'm pushing forward in efforts to rebuild the city in the areas that need rebuilding, not just the physical city but the souls of the people that live in it.


I always say a city is only as good as its residence and many areas of Philly reflects the brokenness and deadness of it's people. Yet giving them the gospel, coupled with food to eat for the hungry, jobs to the jobless, love to the loveless, education etc. Than we will see the power of God working through them and it will also reflect on our fair city.



Now before I get in total soapbox mode:) Go on, check out the vid!


BTW been a slow blogging week due to work business, power outage and few other things but I'm bizaak! And should get a few more posts in this week.